Use Your Outline To Guide Your Writing

Working from the outline, go through it and make certain it’s organized so each section is complete, flows well into the next section, and follows a sensible order. Everything should fit together, proceed through the entire book, and end logically. Make it as easy as possible for your reader to understand the material.

The application you choose for writing your book is entirely up to you. After writing several books I have developed a method that works well for me and I will share that with you. However, it’s not the only way and while I find it best for me, you may have something just as workable.

I create my outline using Microsoft Word but you could easily use OpenOffice, an excellent and completely free Office Suite. Or, you can use almost any word processing software. Wordpad, the useful word processor program that comes with Windows, is also a good tool for your draft. It saves the documents in the .rtf format, which is the format I suggest for saving your outline regardless of the word processing program you use. Word uses the .doc format and OpenOffice uses the .odf format but both allow you to save your document in the .rtf format. Rtf is short for “rich text format” and is compatible with almost all word processing applications whether Windows or Mac. This facilitates easily importing or exporting your work to another application if necessary.

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