Self Publishing Using POD Printer

The best and least expensive way to publish your own book is by doing all the preparation work yourself and then using a POD Printer to print the book and fulfill the orders. There are many POD Printers and they are often referred to as POD Publishers. In some cases they are the publisher but if your plan is to self publish then you are the publisher and that means they are the Printer of the book.

This is an important distinction because being the publisher is the only way to really control your own book. When you are told that your ISBN is free and you accept the offer, you are no longer the publisher. ISBNs are not transferable so the owner of the ISBN is the publisher and can decide where the book is printed. Being the publisher requires a lot of effort and knowledge but it is the only way to maintain a large share of the profit from your book. In future post I will cover more about being a self publisher.

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