Caution Using Word – Keep It Simple

The two previous posts cover using Word to outline and write your book. What I failed to cover were the problems that may be encountered with Word formatting. There is a tendency to set paragraphs, indents, styles, etc before beginning to type in the mistaken belief that this will make the final draft easier to format into a press ready document. Instead, this formatting makes things more complex and time consuming for the person facing the task of formatting your book.

Don’t attempt to format your book as you go along. Type with the Normal defaults until your entire book is completed. Once it is finished and edited then it will be ready to format by you or someone else. If you are doing it yourself, it can be done with Word but I prefer to import the entire document into a desktop publishing program such as PagePlus. Either way, the final formatting should be done after the writing and editing is complete.

This doesn’t preclude additional editing once the formatting is complete but it does keep it to a minimum and makes the final formatting much easier.

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