The Publishing Simplified Letter is Free!

Just started publishing a monthly letter called The Publishing Simplified Letter. Each month I will share details about the steps I take to publish books for myself and others. Just send an email to and I’ll put you on the list. Thanks.

Publishing or Printing?

After having a long conversation with someone interested in “publishing” a print book I realized that many individuals don’t know or understand the difference between publishing a book and printing a book. I spent time explaining to this individual what’s involved in publishing a print book and I decided to write about it to help […]

POD (print on demand) Publishers

There are many of these companies and they provide a variety of services at varying prices. As you might expect, after publishing six books, three of my own and three for other writers, I have a favorite. To everyone who asks, I recommend Createspace, an company. They are reliable, maintain a high level of […]

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