Free Independent (Self) Publishing Workshop

Free Self Publishing Workshop on Wednesday, September 27th, 6 to 9 p.m. at Sententia Vera Cultural Hub, 4002 E. Hwy 290 in Dripping Springs, TX! Bill Benitez of Positive Imaging, LLC, independent publisher of over forty books and ebooks, will answer all your publishing questions. Q and A and Workshop is free with no obligation […]

My Tools For Books and eBooks

Reading books, blogs, and websites about self publishing reveal a long list of excellent tools you can use to create the files needed to self publish a book or ebook. I use three tools for publishing my books and those of other authors. My main tool is Microsoft Word which I always use to create […]

Free How-To Ebook for Indie Authors

In addition to promoting my books and ebooks I promote my publishing services for independent authors. To do that it’s important for authors to recognize my expertise. To help show that I’ve written a book on how to publish an ebook on Kindle, Smashwords, etc. and I’m making it available free to anyone. Information on […]

Blogging A Woodworking Book

Posted by bill on December 1, 2014 in How To Do It | Short Link
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After writing and publishing several books on the business of woodworking I decided to write a book for novice woodworkers. All my business books include some information about the simplified methods I use to increase profits. These same methods are excellent to help novice woodworkers to design and build simplified quality projects. Instead of just […]

Writing A Book – The Idea

I write how-to books so for me the writing is about helping others to do a specific job, perform a task, or run a business. I write about what I know and have personally experienced. As I read posts, comments, articles, and even books, I notice that individuals have questions or sometimes I just notice […]

More on Backing Up Your Work

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For me, backups have to be controlled manually and they can’t be overdone. I can’t conceive of trusting years of my valuable data to anyone. I’m fairly certain that most individuals would consider my backup methods overkill. I have an original and two copies of all my data on external USB drives and none of […]

Doing It All Yourself

Posted by bill on October 30, 2012 in How To Do It | Short Link
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Can you handle every aspect of self publishing your books? The answer to that question depends on the individual. I believe you can and I have done that for almost all my books. I have used photographers rarely and a graphic artist once or twice but mostly I do it all myself. It’s a lot […]

Caution Using Word – Keep It Simple

The two previous posts cover using Word to outline and write your book. What I failed to cover were the problems that may be encountered with Word formatting. There is a tendency to set paragraphs, indents, styles, etc before beginning to type in the mistaken belief that this will make the final draft easier to […]

Use Your Outline To Guide Your Writing

Working from the outline, go through it and make certain it’s organized so each section is complete, flows well into the next section, and follows a sensible order. Everything should fit together, proceed through the entire book, and end logically. Make it as easy as possible for your reader to understand the material. The application […]

Creating The Outline

Posted by bill on September 29, 2010 in How To Do It | Short Link
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The application you choose for writing your book is entirely up to you. After writing several books I have developed a method that works well for me and I will share that with you. However, it’s not the only way and while I find it best for me, you may have something just as workable […]

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