Being A Self Publisher

To be a self publisher you must be directly involved in the following steps.

  1. Having an idea for a book
  2. Planning all aspects of the book including a marketing plan.
  3. Obtaining an ISBN
  4. Outlining and Organizing the book
  5. Writing the book
  6. Editing the book
  7. Creating the final manuscript
  8. Creating the print-ready file for the POD
  9. Creating the cover for the book
  10. Uploading the book to the POD
  11. Selecting the Distribution Channels
  12. Proofreading the book proof when you receive it
  13. Proofreading at least one additional proof before publishing
  14. Publishing the book

This is a long list and within each list there are many tasks that must be done. As a self publisher you either have to do all of these tasks yourself or contract them out to someone else. Doing them yourself keeps the cost down but you need the skills to do a professional job. I prefer handling every step myself and I will cover each in upcoming posts.