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Creating The Outline

The application you choose for writing your book is entirely up to you. After writing several books I have developed a method that works well for me and I will share that with you. However, it’s not the only way and while I find it best for me, you may have something just as workable […]


Writing The Book – Step One

The most important question to ask yourself before writing a book is why. This is important because it helps determine how to proceed. If you are like me, selling what you write is important. Some people write for the sheer joy of it and others simply have something to say and have no interest in […]


POD (print on demand) Publishers

There are many of these companies and they provide a variety of services at varying prices. As you might expect, after publishing six books, three of my own and three for other writers, I have a favorite. To everyone who asks, I recommend Createspace, an company. They are reliable, maintain a high level of […]