Welcome To Self Publishing Support

Some believe that unless a publishing company is interested in publishing a book it has no value. This has never been true but it is less so than ever now. There was a time when only big publishing companies had pockets deep enough to absorb the cost of marketing and publicity required to sell a book. The Internet has changed all that. Now anyone with an interesting topic, the necessary knowledge and skills, plus a small budget can self publish and sell a book.

Over the years many great writers started their careers by self publishing their work. You could wind up in their ranks. Today self publishing has become popular because there are fewer publishers than ever willing to publish books by unknown writers. They prefer books from famous persons or celebrities whose popularity often guarantees book sales.

Even when they do publish a book by an unknown writer, they refuse to spend anything on marketing and shift the entire responsibility to you. If you can’t afford the time or the cost of marketing, your book may not sell. Whether a publisher puts out your book or you self publish it, the marketing, which can be difficult and costly, falls squarely on your shoulders.

Here is the kicker, in spite of you taking the difficult and time consuming steps of marketing your book, the publisher still keeps the lion’s share of the income from the sales. Your royalties will probably be less than 10 percent, perhaps much less.

Since you are doing the writing and the marketing anyway, why give a publisher such a large share of the income. Don’t you think that you should be getting the lion’s share of the profit? I can tell you first hand that by self publishing you can make 40 percent and more on each sale and using POD methods you don’t have to make a significant investment.

The goal of this blog is to support your efforts to self publish your book. I will be posting often and I encourage you to comment regularly and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Thanks.