Welcome To Self Publishing Simplified

Independent (self) publishing is here to stay but some still believe that only traditional publishers put out good books. This has never been true but there was a time when only traditional publishers had pockets deep enough to absorb the cost of publishing books.

Print on demand, Kindle and the Internet changed all that. Now anyone with an interesting idea or topic, the necessary knowledge and skills, plus a small budget can publish and sell a book worldwide.

Over the years many great writers started their careers by self publishing. Today independent publishing is popular because it’s affordable and fewer traditional publishers than ever are willing to consider books by unknown authors.

When they do publish an unknown, he or she is expected to take on the lion’s share of the marketing for a tiny share of the profit. As with a self published book, the marketing, which can be difficult and costly, falls squarely on the author’s shoulders.

Another issue with traditional publishers is their direct line to retail bookstores. This can be a good thing for books that get off to a quick start. However, these books are returnable for a refund which can be problematic for author advances.

Since authors do the writing and the marketing anyway, why give a publisher such a large share of the income. Don’t you think authors should be getting the lion’s share of the profit? I can tell you first hand that self published authors can make 40 to 70 percent and more on each sale and using POD and KDP methods their investment is limited mostly to marketing.

The goal of this blog is to support authors in self publishing their books and ebooks. I will be posting often and I encourage you to comment regularly and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Send them to bill@positive-imaging.com. Thanks.